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Girlatones "Horn If You'Re Honky" (MER 019)


Limited edition 12" Back Vinyl (400) with lyrics printed on insert.
Shipping around March 31.

This is a co-release with Lost & Lonesome of Australia – please support your local label. lostandlonesome.bandcamp.com

Includes high-quality download code in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Swoonsome Melbourne four-piece Girlatones are set to release their new album Horn if You're Honky, out March 20.

Following the unabashed garage pop of first album Fitting in Well (2017), Jesse Williams and crew have refined their DiY production chops and crafted an album that is rich in sonic layers and emotional depth, whilst remaining loose at the edges like all the best pop music.

First single, the piano-led ballad 'Get to the End', displayed a more melancholic, introspective side to Girlatones but the band struck back for second single, ‘We Respond to Love’ a one-minute-fifty-second slice of pop bliss that was described by blog Austin Town Hall as "shimmering like some of the best power-pop you’re likely to hear this day, or ever”.

Impending third single ‘Bingo Level Humour’ takes an altogether different path – one perhaps led by Paul McCartney and a parade of marching drummers, spouting quirky one-liners.

Elsewhere on the album, we hear some baroque strings on Jesse’s ode to solitary creativity ‘To Sing’, while instrumentation gets stripped back to a 12-string acoustic on the tender ‘2 Young 2 Forget’. But the big bubblegum feels are never far away, as heard on songs like ‘One Chord Too Many’, ‘Pop Stars’ and ‘The Saddest Synth’.

Regular gig-goers in Melbourne will have been hard-pressed to miss a Girlatones show in the past few years, the band playing regularly at pubs, clubs and small festivals, with band members also doing the rounds in other outfits like Traffik Island, Way Dynamic and Baby Blue. Not to mention one quarter of the band is Leah Senior whose beguiling folk tunes have been winning hearts all over Australia and overseas.

Jesse Wiliams – vocals, guitar
Leah Senior – guitar, vocals
Tam Matlakowski – bass
Fabian Hunter Shaw – drums

releases March 20, 2020

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