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12" Vinyl Bundle


+ Pick any three 12 inches from this list:

- The Roves "All Those Freaks" (MER 008)
- Holy Tunics "Hit Parade Lemonade Supersonic Spree" (MER 011)
- Poppel "Make Sense" (Black) (MER 012)
- Cool Sounds "More To Enjoy" (MER 013)
- Sprinters "Struck Gold" (Gold or Black) (MER 016)
- Girlatones "Horn If You'Re Honky" (MER 019)
- Go Get Mum "Ok Now What" (MER 020)


* In the notes section please list the 3 titles you would like.
* Does not include instant downloads. Records will come with download codes.

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering 4 or more records from our discography please visit our BUNDLE section or send us an email to meritoriorec(at)gmail(dot)com .